This is a school project I did with Sandra Zanetti ( and Gabby Urena. I was responsible for the digital sculpture and the construction of the acrylic sculpture in the middle.

Above: The actual, physical sculpture. Below: 3D renderings of the computer models used for 3D printing/ laser cutting.

This project was a lot of fun to work on, because it involved an interesting subject and new ways of making things. The sculptures on the left and right are 3D printed. sanded, and painted. The sculpture in the center is made of panes of acrylic glass, which I made with a laser cutter.

There were some great problem solving moments in this project- I used Blender's rigid body physics simulation to ensure that the sculptures would stand up straight when they were printed. For the laser-cut sculpture, I used a boolean operation to cut the digital object into thin slices. I then UV-unwrapped the slices, traced the UVs in InkScape, and used the resulting .svg file to guide the laser cutter.