My name is Joseph Brandenburg, I'm an artist from the USA. I'm mostly self-taught. I use Blender for most of my 3D work, KRITA and GIMP for texturing and image editing. I'm a huge fan of Open Source Software. When I'm not doing art stuff, I like to write music, watch cartoons, and experiment with new ideas. I love to do things myself, using my own original ideas. I always want to think outside of the box and solve problems.

I particularly love Non-Photorealistic-Rendering (NPR), and hope to create new ways of creating stylized computer renders. I'm excited about EEVEE and Grease Pencil, since for they will unify 3D and 2D for the first time. I love creating characters, especially if they're fashionable, cute or pretty.

I also love to rig characters, because it is a chance to solve new problems and invent new ways of doing things. Solving problems is my favorite part of computer graphics, and as long as I have something to discover, invent, tinker with, or puzzle through, I love to work!

My skills include: computer modelling, sculpting, rigging, animating, look-development, and scripting.

Software proficiencies:

* Blender (6 years of experience)
* Marvelous Designer
* Photoshop
* Illustrator
* Maya, 3DS Max
* Nuke
* Rendering Engines:
    * Cycles
    * EEVEE
    * LuxCore
    * Radeon ProRender
    * Renderman

* Musescore
* Ardour
* Audacity
* OpenMPT
* Famitracker

I also have some experience writing software. I use Python to write utilities for Blender and Maya. I've dabbled in C++, C# and JavaScript/HTML/CSS. In the future, I plan on learning C in order to contribute to Blender.