This is the project I'm working on now, whenever school gives me enough time. I'm using Blender 2.8 with EEVEE, KRITA, and Marvelous Designer for this project. I'll probably also use Illustrator at some point, for patterns on her clothes. I wanted to create a character solely for the sake of practicing, so I can give the figure skater my best later on. In particular, my goal with this project is to learn:

  • Marvelous Designer for creating and animating fashion
  • EEVEE render
  • More advanced rigging techniques using Python
  • Poly Hair techniques

She's almost ready for texturing and rigging, I've just got to finish her hair and clothes. She won't be able to stand the snow without boots and mittens! I'm also going to give her a scarf and a knit hat. Finally, she'll need some accessories. I love taking opportunities to try new art forms, so I think I'll try to design the jewelry myself, as I did the rest of her ensemble. She also needs a name. I'm so bad at naming things!

The materials have been the most fun part of the process. EEVEE is so incredibly fast and beautiful that I might never use an offline renderer again! It is absolutely impossible to get the same level of stylization and interactivity in the materials in any other renderer- the materials I've developed are more than simple cel-shading effects. They react to texture, colored lights, the "canvas," even refraction, transparency, and reflection. All in real time!

This character is going to be great when she's done. I'm so excited!