The following is an updated form of the video description:

Aurora wakes to find that she has slept in on the day of an important test. Will she make it in time, or will her future be derailed by her indolence?

Software used: Blender, GIMP and KRITA, Handbrake, Audacity (for audio editing) and OpenMPT (using Sforzando plugin by Plogue-- for music). This video was a personal project, created particularly with the UCF Character Animation portfolio in mind. I've learned a lot on this project-- I've never managed such a big project before. It was my first time doing advanced simulations, NPR rendering, or animation-ready rigging before. This is my first attempt at using the Non-Linear Animation editor in years. And of course, this is my first time doing any real character acting in animation! In the past all I've done is walks, runs, jumps-- cyclical animations undertaken mostly as practice exercises. It was an eye-opening experience- animation is both easier and more difficult than I imagined.

The work included: Character design, sculpting, modelling, rigging, UV layout, texture photography and editing, Set design and modelling, Lighting, look development (The node network for the toon shaders is very complex. One might even describe it as spaghetti-like), Rendering, Simulations, Animation, video editing, sound editing (I wrote the music in the beginning, too, before Rite of Spring)  ... and probably a lot more. And it was a lot of work. Beginning to end, I'd say it took between 3 and 6 months- I began working on the character before I got the idea for the video, and I had to throw away a few weeks of work when I changed artistic directions (At first, I wanted to create more realistic materials, but it would have taken weeks to render). Several times I had to go back and fix things that I was already working with, and eventually I learned how to use an iterative workflow to prevent this from happening. Blender's file linking and proxy system made this easy, but by the same token- I can't wait for the huge improvement coming in Blender 2.8!  It bears mentioning that the video is rendered entirely in the viewport (except for the Dynamic Hair simulation- which had to be rendered offline) using Blender Internal Render- the outdated, bloated mess that has been deprecated with the impending rise of Eevee. As awesome as Blender Internal was for toon shading, EEVEE has the potential to be even better, and elsewhere on this website you can see my more recent experiments with toon shading in EEVEE.

Everything is my original work except for: some textures I purchased from (now, the alarm clock sound, and the audio clip from Stravinsky's Rite of Spring (featuring The Cleveland Orchestra conducted by Pierre Boulez). I used a few public-domain sound samples to create the music in the first scene (VSCO 2 community orchestra SFZ).