This was perhaps the most rewarding project I've ever worked on in school. These illustrations are production illustrations for a potential film-adaption of a short story. The class was a three-month boot camp on production design, and the binder I had full of research, maps, designs, and illustrations was about 100 pages. It's the only time in my life I've ever done an all-nighter (I didn't realize how long it would take to print it all).

Everything was done in Blender 2.80 very alpha, rendered with EEVEE. I used Illustrator to vectorize the images, and did just a little bit of image editing in Photoshop. The tablecloth, curtains, couch, and pillows were created in Marvelous Designer.

The neighborhood consists of about five different houses, made of modular components. By changing their materials a bit and rotating them around, it looks like each one is unique. Each house is a collection instance- my first time using what was at the time still a brand new and extremely buggy feature. It's hard to believe that Blender has already reached 2.81. I'm so excited about the future!