For now
I think I’ll just pretend
that you’re standing here beside me, holding my hand

‘cus for now,
it’s all that I can do
as I spend every moment looking for you.

When it’s just you and me,
I don’t have to talk,
I don’t have to lie,
It isn’t a struggle to look you in the eye and smile

And right now--
I wonder where you are?
Should I seek you out by boat or plane or car?
And right now--
Are you thinking about me?
Do you want to know what love could really mean?

And I’ve been walking across the desert sands chasing mirages of you.
When I see the water sparkle and dance I pray it’s truly you.

This is a rather rough recording. Some day when I have the time, I'll see if I can't get a drummer and keyboard player and make a really nice recording.

All music/lyrics written, performed, recorded and produced by myself.